A design-oriented course on SwiftUI

Learn to write apps for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS with a unified codebase in SwiftUI. Will be updated to SwiftUI 5 after WWCD 2023

Course Summary

The most comprehensive A-Z approach to understanding SwiftUI concepts and the tools that power the platform.

 Every lecture is fully supported by the Instructor, with image downloads and Xcode project files available, as well as additional resources, quizzes, and assignments to make sure test and cement your knowledge.

Cheat Sheets: additional resources give you the most useful code snippets, so you can find the right tools efficiently.

So by the end of the course, you'll completely understand:

  • Apple universe: Create a project for all platforms and understand how to share code seamlessly - Debugging: Know how to work with Xcode error information.   
  • Layout System: How to combine and layout views with stack views, frames, GeometryReader, and many more tools.   
  • Images and Icons: Enhance your app design with images, system-provided icons, and create your own icons.   
  • Architecture: How to organize your user flow with NavigationViews, TabViews, alerts, and popovers. Adapt to the different platforms to maximize the user experience.   
  • Data flow: How SwiftUI handles data with property wrappers like @State, @Binding, @ObservedObject, and @EnvironmentObject.   
  • Software Design: How to organize and format code for readability and how to implement the Model ­- View - View­ Model (MVVM) design pattern. Get to know the advantages when working with previews and writing unit tests.   
  • Animation: Leverage the power of SwiftUI to create incredible animations and real-life interactions.    
  • Reusable views: Using ViewBuilder, closures, and generics to build stack views and grid views.   
  • Gestures: How the different systems provided gestures and combine them into more complex user interactions.  

Course highlights:

- Style Guide: Learn how to create a brand-focused style guide, and why it’s so important you do! Includes typography and color design.  
- Make your UI design reactive to different screen sizes and device orientations.  
- Use the state-driven design of SwiftUI to navigate the user programmatically throughout all parts of your application.  
- Create amazing Onboarding Animations and integrate them into your project.  

From beginner to SwiftUI app developer with just one course. 
 I will share with you my secret recipes to create amazing user interfaces with SwiftUI. By getting this course, you can rest assured that the course is carefully thought out and edited. There are well - thought project examples that will help you understand even the most difficult concepts. I am always on hand to answer student questions.

Course Curriculum

26.5h of content

Frequently Asked Questions 

- Design enthusiasts interested to learn the latest apple framework SwiftUI
- iOS developers wanting to learn how to leverage SwiftUI to develop faster and more efficient
- developers who want to start writing apps for macOS, iOS and watchOS. All in one code base thanks to SwiftUI.

This is not an absolute beginner course. You will need a basic knowledge of the Swift programming language.

- create Xcode projects with SwiftUI for different platforms like macOS and iOS
- understand the basics in SwiftUI
- be able to work with images and system icons
- understand the data flow in SwiftUI, which includes @State, @Binding, @ObservableObject and @EnvironmentObject
- create amazing and interactive animations
- be able to compose complex interfaces and navigations
- know how to use MVVM, which is a design pattern that fits very well with SwiftUI

Yes, of course. If you are not happy with my course, I will give you a full refund. You have a 30day money-back guarantee.

Have a look what other people are saying

"The instructor clearly has a very deep and complete knowledge of Swift and SwiftUI. And she is an excellent teacher. She is not one of those instructors who just types out the code. She gives detailed explanations about every step. And the course has lots of 'cheat sheets' that she created to summarize the features of SwiftUI. Excellent instruction."

Willian Allen

 "I didn't know where this course was going to go but am very glad I stayed for the adventure of learning something new. Much of the material covered throughout this course will be reused in upcoming products that I am developing. I am looking forward to the next Karin Prater course in my queue covering Core Data.." 

James Greene

 "I have intermediate knowledge of UIKit, but I want to move to SwiftUI. I think Karin does an outstanding job of getting you the needed information for a meaningful foundation in SwiftUI. I like her presentation style and the speed of her talks. I wish I would have viewed this first, before attempting advanced projects/tutorials. I think at the end of the day, SwiftUI is an excellent product, and this tutorial will save you time getting an understanding, even if you already know a thing or two about UIKit. Great job

Jeff McDonald

"Teaching and content of extremely high quality. The wording on the tests is sometimes a little confusing, but that's the only (minor) flaw in an otherwise incredible course. Bonus: in a few lectures, you can see the teacher's cats in the background."

Roy Rodney

"Great & to-the-point content. The instructor is quite friendly, knowledgable and not spending any time with unnecessary or verbose details. Thank you. "

Seth Uzunçavdar 

 "Karin is a very knowledgeable instructor, and a superb course on SwiftUI. I'm a Udemy instructor as well, but I'm also a student who never stops leaning from others who have been coding longer than i, and when I see a course that shines with presentation and valuable info, I'm happy to tell others about it...this is such a course....highly recommended.

Stephan DeStefano

Karin Prater

I have a Ph.D. in physicist, during which I started to love software engineering. Since I am also passionate about learning I started to build my own learning app. 

I am also very enthusiastic about design, which is a bit unusual for most physicists, I am putting a strong focus on the UI part.  In my courses, you will jump right into the subject and learn to design by actually designing.

From my former teaching experiences, I know that learning by trying is the most fun. So I will encourage you to use the tools I am showing you directly in your own projects. May they be small or grant.